Attorney, Sarah J. Wolske, Social Security Disability Claims & Personal Injury Law, Newark Ohio Lawyer


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Dedicated to representing the disabled in claims for Social Security and clients injured by the negligence of others.

Legal services for Social Security claims include:


- Protecting your right to a fair hearing
- Appealing the Social Security Administration's decisions
- Gather the necessary medical evidence to win your case
- Requesting copies of your medical records
- Obtaining a report by your doctor to prove your disability
- Ensuring all forms are submitted on time
- Representing you at court
- Helping you prepare for your court hearing
- Presenting evidence in support of your claim before a judge
- Cross-examining medical or non-medical advisors.
- Improve your chance of winning Social Security benefits
- Reduce the time it takes to get your first check from the SSA


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Legal services for serious Personal Injury claims includes:

- Automobile Accidents
- Motorcycle Accidents
- Pedestrian Injuries
- Bicycle Accidents
- Truck Collisions & Injuries
- Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist
- Wrongful Death

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